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Broadcasts and video

Televizní přenosy a videokonference

We offer multimedia video and sound transfer on the internet – web streaming. In our own TV studio we provide internet broadcasting wherever needed. The entire process works through Flash Player which we place on the requested website. We do not only provide online broadcasting from the studio. On the contrary, with the most advanced quality of our equipment we are able to provide live broadcasting from various events and their recording, or shoot advertising or viral spots.



We offer:

  • web streaming – live or preset broadcasting
  • making videos according to client’s requirements

Web streaming

Thanks to web streaming you are able to connect with an unlimited number of people on the internet or intranet (the transfer can be limited to authorized users only), either directly online or offline during a preset broadcasting. We will of course record the required event for you, or even adjust it according to your requests so that your client is able to replay it later.

In addition to arranging a TV studio for you, we can also create a special site on which you will broadcast (e.g. TV workshop). Chat can be added to this site so that your viewers can immediately react to your suggestions and actively participate in the discussion. We are able to supply email invitations when contact details are provided.

By using web streaming you do not only save money for renting an auditorium, audiovisual equipment, catering, but also your and your client’s time – complicated transfers of people across the country to one place are thus eliminated.

How to use web streaming?

  • presentation of your product, services or solutions
  • workshops and various trainings
  • press conferences, interviews with interesting people
  • specialized conferences, panel discussions
  • competitions, games, sports, music

Creating viral and other videos

Besides streaming, our technical equipment, or even the studio itself, can also be used to creating various advertising, viral or purely entertaining videospots. In addition to helping you create the video according to your requirements, we can also process and cut it and edit graphically if requested. 

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